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This is where we get our name. Seriously. We have restored so many homes and businesses over the years, we know our way around any fire related challenge. This is a stressful time for you, your family or your work team, but rest assured that we will make this process as easy as possible! We provide a crew of IICRC certified, specifically trained technicians who produce fast, efficient, and effective results, assuring you that you are getting top professionals with the right training.



Fire and smoke damage can have disastrous effects that can be largely reduced by prompt action and immediate response by knowledgeable and well trained technicians. Our team can stabilize conditions, preventing smoke damage from continuing to penetrate and attack exposed surfaces. In certain cases, boarding up of unprotected openings is required to prevent unlawful entry and further damage. Once the site is stable and safe, a thorough scope of damage and repairs can be determined.

Of course this is stressful, but have hope—you’ll be amazed at how your home and its contents might see amazing results. The damage caused by the fire may seem permanent with all thoughts of it ever being right again unimaginable. At Storm Tech Renovations and Restorations Ltd, we have trained restoration crews that can produce amazing results by working with you to restore not only your peace of mind, but to begin the process of restoring your home or business to its pre-fire condition.

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