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If you or your family has been struck by an emergency, try not to panic. We're here to make a touch situation as smooth as possible. We've been through it before, and we'll do all we can to help you through a tough situation. If emergency has struck, follow the steps below (after, of course, dealing with emergency services like the police)

#1 - Make sure everyone is alright and safe from

any potential harm that remains

If there's been a flood, beware of wires and exposed electrical. The first aid saying is a good check in: no fire, no wire, no gas, no glass, look up, look down, look all around, and... sniff!

#2 - Give us a Call! 306.960.5714

We have helped many people of Prince Albert, Lake Lands, Shellbrook and all surrounding areas triage their emergency situation. We'll help you determine what's covered by insurance and the necessities you need. Our guidance will make your life easier and help alleviate the stress you are under. Remember, damage usually goes far beyond what the eye can see, which is why it's possible to call in professional. We'll assess the damage and salvage as much as possible.

#3 - Wether you're covered by insurance or not, you may choose to have us clean and restore your belongings.

For example, after a flood, we can come in to suck up and dry out all the moisture and restore whatever possessions possible to be good as new. Remember that quick response is crucial to mitigate further damage.

#4 - Coordinate with your insurance company.

This part of the process will be guided by your insurance company, but most will need your unsavable possessions documented. Insurance companies love documentation. They'll ask for proof of your most important and expensive items, so if you've got boxes and receipts, now's a good time to dig those up.

#5 - Try to Relax.

Know that with us on the job, you can rest easy knowing that you've hired disaster emergency specialists who will treat your home and belongings as if they we're our own. We will help you through the entire process and alleviate the stress of the unknown and "what now?" feelings you are overwhelmed with.

They were great. When they said they were going to be there they were. They got on the job immediately and the job was done perfectly. I would most definitely recommend this company.


Prince Albert, Sk

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